Call out the Fat Lady

It ain't over til the fat lady sings.

Well, apparently it is over for Britain. Pundits are calling her "dead and buried".

Britain is Dead

The upshot is that although the British do still have the legal sovereign right to control who enters and works in their country, they do not exercise it, because in their own minds they don’t have the moral right to do so. Which means that my comparison of Britain to a man who has committed suicide but who, like a ghost, does not realize he is dead and so complains that people are treating him as though he didn't exist, was correct as a portrait of the British mindset. The British have given up a fundamental aspect of national existence, while pretending to themselves that they haven't. They keep agonizing about the unexpectedly vast number of immigrants and the resulting crushing social costs, but none of them ever actually says: "Let's set the limit at X," because, as far as the British are concerned, they lack the sovereign right of nationhood to say who comes into their own country.
How about this one, will she do?

Let's face it, folks. The British, the great people from which our own country was born, are dead, they are finished, they are kaput. And that goes for their "conservatives" too. Before there is any possibility that they can become a decent and strong people again, they must first be melted down and destroyed as they now exist.

Or this one perhaps?

Vanishing England

Britons give many reasons for leaving, but their stories share one commonality: life in Britain has become unbearable for them. They fear lawlessness and the threat of more terrorism from a growing Muslim population and the loss of a sense of Britishness, exacerbated by the growing refusal of public schools to teach the history and culture of the nation to the next generation. What it means to be British has been watered down in a plague of political correctness that has swept the country faster than hoof-and-mouth disease. Officials say they do not wish to "offend" others ...

The problem for Britain and the United States isn't just the change in demographics. It is the reluctance of both countries to inculcate the beliefs, history and, yes, religious ideals, which made our nations so successful that others wanted to come and be a part of them. The difference between many of the current immigrants and those of the past is that the previous ones wanted to become fully American or fully British. The current ones, in too many cases, would destroy what makes our countries unique. And the "leaders" of Britain and America refuse to stop it.

The greater tragedy is that the people of Britain have little say in any of this, so they are taking the road of last resort. They are leaving.

Call off the search, we've found our fat lady! And she can sing too!

Of course, they would never say this about Australia. Or have they already started? ...

Nothing Left To Save

When the symptoms of social decline appear the people who gave the civilization energy, intelligence and made it an asset to humanity, no longer exist in any numbers. Their place has been taken by a race of foolish cowards, who can only dissipate the accumulated wealth and wisdom they have inherited. Though the true character of these new citizens will initially be disguised by the restraints imposed by their inheritance of customs, manners and beliefs, these will be rapidly discarded by the impatience of subsequent generations.

Can Only Promote Lies And Injustice

To attempt to assist such a community is to aid and abet people who hate truth and justice. Those citizens, who feel their duty impels them to try, are taking grave risks for no purpose. Their individual efforts cannot make up for the shortcomings of their society, but they will be punished for their attempts, and this is demonstrated in no uncertain manner by contemporary and historical examples.


Lawrence Auster
Cal Thomas
Philip Atkinson


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  1. Auster:

    "As for my "Britain is dead" theme, when I was saying that in a bunch of blog entries about a year ago, I always added that I didn't mean that Britain was literally dead in the sense that a human being is dead, but dead in the sense of a society that seems to have no will to defend itself. If that will returns, Britain will be alive again."