Squirrel Grip on Free Speech

This one is too serious for jokes. Just read it and weep ...

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So now we know the inevitable conclusion of political-correctness, the policy of appeasement, the policy of "don't offend the Muslims". Yes the end result is ...

The End of Free Speech.

The end of open discussion on demography, religion, culture, and race.

So if you have even the slightest concern about a growing Muslim population, then for the sake of your balls (or equivalent) you better keep your opinions to yourself.

This is how terrorism wins.

And this is how the Left thinks it wins.

Either way, you lose.

Of course it could never happen in Australia. Or has it already begun?

See: case of the two Dannys; Andrew Fraser; Tamworth's objections to immigrants, ...


Image 2 - It's Come to This


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