School of mock

Dewey Finn: Look the first thing you do when you start a band is talk about your influences. That's how you figure out what kind of band you want to be. So who do you like? Blondie?
Marta: Christina Aguilera
Dewey Finn: Who? No. Come on. What? You, Shortstop.
Leonard: Puff Daddy
Dewey Finn: Wrong. Billy?
Billy: Liza Minnelli?

Muslim boys urinated on Bible

TWO Muslim students have been expelled from an Islamic school in Melbourne for urinating and spitting on a Bible and setting it on fire.

The explosive incident has forced the East Preston Islamic College to call in a senior imam to tell its 650 Muslim students that the Bible and Christianity must be respected.

Anxious teachers at the school have also petitioned principal Shaheem Doutie, expressing "grave concern" about an "inculcation of hatred and radical attitudes towards non-Muslims" at the school, including towards non-Muslim teachers.

The Bible desecration took place last week at a school camp held near Bacchus Marsh, about 50km west of Melbourne, attended by 33 teenage Muslim boys ranging in age from Year7 to Year 10.

A school report of the incident, obtained by The Australian, says it happened late at night and involved three students and another two watching.

"The main perpetrator (a Year 7 student) urinated on the Holy Bible, tore some pages from the Holy Book and burnt them then finally spat on the Holy Book," the report says.

The second boy, from Year 9, "tore pages from the Holy Book and burnt them", while a third student, from Year 7, "tore pages from the Holy Bible and then he rolled it up like a cigarette and pretended to smoke it" ...

A petition signed by 22 teachers expressed "anguish and dismay at the grave incident of the desecration of the Holy Bible".

"This whole incident implies a deep hatred inculcated in the students towards the Christians/non-Muslim teachers," it says.

The petition said there had been "previous incidents of students misbehaving towards non-Muslim teachers".

It called on the school to "take steps to rectify this explosive situation" to ensure the safety of teachers.
Dewey Finn: You, Freddy, what do you like to do?
Freddy: I dunno. [pause]
Freddy: Burn stuff?
Islamic boys told of 'evil' Aussies

STUDENTS at the Islamic school from which two boys were expelled for desecrating the Bible were shown videos of a banned cleric calling Australian Christians "evil" and non-Muslim schools "sewers".

Teachers at East Preston Islamic College say students have also been seen downloading and copying material from a website that attacks the Bible as promoting "vicious criminal acts" ...

The Australian has obtained a videotape from the school's library of a lecture given for Australian Muslims by the firebrand British convert Abdur Raheem Green, who was blocked from coming to Australia last year.

In the video, believed to have been taped during a visit in 2003, Green describes Australian non-Muslims as "evil people" and says Muslims in this country must openly criticise Christianity and lure people to Islam.

"If we leave (Muslims) in these (non-Muslim Australian) schools they will be destroyed," he says in the sermon.

"You know very well what takes place in these schools ... it is all about evolution, Christmas, Easter, St Valentine's Day - a barrage. And you expect your children to survive? You think you live in a sewer and you come up smelling of roses?

"Merely living in the company of evil people will inevitably begin to rub off on us and we will begin to acquire their characteristics."

A teacher, who asked not to be named, confirmed that the tape, marked East Preston Islamic College, has been shown to students at the school. It is not known if the tape was seen by the three boys who desecrated the Bible.

Another teacher said yesterday he had seen students at the school downloading and copying pages from the website

"For far too long priests and preachers have completely ignored the vicious criminal acts that the Bible promotes," the website says. "The so called God of the Bible makes Osama bin Laden look like a boy scout."
Dewey Finn: I'm a teacher. All I need are minds for molding.

Of course, this would only happen in Melbourne. Or would it:
Mufti’s little echoes

Lovely little sub-culture:
A RACE hate video that glorifies gang rapist Bilal Skaf and boasts about the Cronulla revenge attacks has been linked to students at Granville Boys High.

The education department is investigating the video, which features teenagers boasting about their Middle Eastern heritage and describing themselves as “Soldiers of Granville Boys’’.

A collage of photographs shows evil rapist Skaf posing with a rifle and an image of police with the slogan “f… tha police’’ across the bottom…

A separate race-hate video on the internet features two would-be rappers joking about the infamous southwestern Sydney gang rapes.

“I don’t give a f… what you say about us Lebos ... they didn’t get gang raped bro, I swear it wasn’t us, those Aussie chicks wanted it, bro,’’ one sings.
Mind you, the Mufti of Australia’s view of that notorious savage pack rape isn’t much different:
A young man can meet a woman, smile, arrange a meeting, and then end up in jail for 65 years.
Freddy: Are we going to be goofing off like this everyday?
Dewey Finn: We're not goofing off. We're creating musical fusion.
Freddy: Ok, so are we going to be creating musical fusion everyday?
Dewey Finn: Yes.
Freddy: Cool!

What style of musical fusion awaits the students of future Australia?


Muslim boys urinated on Bible - December 06, 2006, the Australian
Islamic boys told of 'evil' Aussies - December 07, 2006, the Australian
Mufti’s little echoes - January 24, 2007, Herald Sun

School of Rock



Falling Down

Nick: Just what kind of vigilante are you?
Bill Foster: I am not a vigilante. I am just trying to get home to my little girl's birthday party and if everyone will just stay out of my way, nobody will get hurt.
European Dream Ends with Kidnapping, Prison

Turkish-born Muharrem E. spent 34 years living the life of a respectable German in Munich. He was employed, raised his children and owned a condominium. Then his daughter fell in love with a German. The Turkish family kidnapped the boy, turning their story into a lesson about the limits of integration ...

The family stands accused of having kidnapped a young German man one December morning at a Munich subway station, and of beating and threatening to kill him ...

They spotted Sascha ... the two men grabbed him ... and threw him onto his back ...

Sascha, a 19-year-old blonde, his hair cropped short, a boy who liked playing football and was learning the interior decorating trade ...

He was a German who had been dating Fatma, the family's youngest daughter, for two years. The couple had been living together for the past few weeks ...

Despite his protests, the men dragged him into the car and the father slapped him across the face twice ...

"Where is she?" he screamed ...

The men became furious. The mother sat in the back seat, saying nothing.

"I'd really like to kill you! The police won't find anything, I'm wearing gloves," the brother screamed.

"Give me back my daughter or I'll kill you!" the father screamed.

The family had already purchased one-way tickets from Munich to Istanbul, and one of them was issued in Fatma's name. Their plan was to return to the home they had left decades earlier and take their daughter with them. To them it suddenly seemed to be the best solution ...

[In the Whammy Burger]
Bill Foster: Why am I calling you by your first names? I don't even know you. I still call my boss "Mister", and I've been working for him for seven years, but all of a sudden I walk in here and I'm calling you Rick and Sheila like we're in some kind of AA meeting... I don't want to be your buddy, Rick. I just want some breakfast.
Sheila: You can call me Miss Folsom if you want.
Muharrem E. had been a seemingly well-integrated German resident for a long time.

He came to Germany in 1973, a single young man who had grown up in ... Turkey ... His father was an imam, and he had seven siblings. After attending school for five years in Turkey, Muharrem E. became a steelworker and went into the military.

After arriving in Munich, he soon found work ... Every morning at 4 a.m., Muharrem E. rode his bicycle the three kilometers to the factory where he worked ...

Muharrem E. was more punctual than most Germans ...

In his 34 years at the factory, he was never late for work -- until the day of his arrest. That was the first time Muharrem E. ever pulled a no show at work ...

Muharrem E., says Turan, respected the law -- he never even ran a red light. He wanted to make sure, says Turan, that he would never make a mistake ...

Sascha and Fatma met in front of the bulletin board at their vocational school ... The first thing he noticed about Fatma was her dark locks.

They went out for ice cream a few times. Then they began writing letters to each other. Fatma left one of Sascha's love letters on her desk one day, in the room she shared with her brother. Mehmet saw the letter, read it and wanted to know what it meant. That was three years ago.

Mehmet decided to meet Sascha ... he asked Sascha whether he was serious about Fatma. Sascha nodded, which was enough for Mehmet. Later, when Fatma's mother asked Mehmet what was wrong with her daughter, who had begun wearing makeup, Mehmet told her that she was in love with Sascha, a German boy.

Father Muharrem kept on reading his Koran, as he did every evening, and pulling out his prayer rug from a closet in the bedroom, laying it out on the floor and praying until sundown. Then he would watch the news on television, as he did every evening. But he knew nothing about Fatma and Sascha.

Whenever Muharrem E. visited the Turkish Islamic Association, he would laugh, tell jokes and serve tea and Coca-Cola ...

Muharrem E. was kept in the dark about the romance for two years.

But when the two began skipping class to see each other and their grades suffered, and when Fatma failed her exams, her father became concerned ... and ... asked her brother and mother what was wrong with Fatma.

They told him.

One morning in the spring of 2006, Mehmet confronted Sascha on the school grounds and asked him why he was in love with Fatma. Sascha responded: "I just happen to love her."

"You can't be together with her," Mehmet said.

From then on Fatma was told to be home on time, and if she wasn't, perhaps because her train was late, her brother would hit her. He did it because his father had told him to.

The family went to Turkey on vacation in the summer. Fatma missed Sascha, and when they returned to Munich she went to Sascha's apartment and spent the night with him, for the first time.

The family reported the incident to the police, but they were told that Fatma was of age and living in Germany.

[William Foster picks up the flat hamburger he just ordered, comparing it to the picture behind the counter]
Bill Foster: Can anybody tell me what's wrong with this picture?
From then on, when he visited the community center Muharrem E. was no longer as jovial as he had once been, but no one knew why ...

When Muharrem E. spent time in the hospital for a knee operation and asked to see his daughter, Fatma didn't visit. After that, when he would go to the community center, his friends asked him why he had suddenly become so angry and aggressive. Muharrem E. said nothing and started going to work at the factory even earlier than usual. Around this time, Mehmet starting thinking about moving out.

There were too many problems in his family. Mehmet wanted to be part of a world in which he was German, but he also wanted to remain his father's son. On a Sunday Muharrem, Mehmet and Fatma's mother sat down at the kitchen table and talked about what they should do. They put together a plan ...

That was when everything fell apart. The man who had managed to become a perfect German was suddenly a foreigner who had failed to integrate.

According to Turan, the eldest daughter, the people at the community center said: "The daughter of Mr. E. ran away." No one said: "Fatma ran away."

"Do you understand?" she asks.

The family's honor and reputation were at stake. People in the Turkish community had already started talking about Muharrem. Turan says that in many Turkish families things can only go well as long as German values and Turkish values don't collide. It's a common problem in the community, she says.

According to Turan, her father only realized that he had done something wrong when he was sitting in the courtroom, listening to what people had to say, when the prosecutor argued that he should be sentenced to seven years in prison without the possibility of parole, and when the judge rendered his verdict ...

When he leaves the prison in three years, Muharrem E. will find himself standing where he was when he first came to Germany -- at the beginning.

Sergeant Prendergast: Let's meet a couple of police officers. They are all good guys.
Bill Foster: I'm the bad guy?
Sergeant Prendergast: Yeah.
Bill Foster: How did that happen?


European Dream Ends with Kidnapping, Prison - Spiegel Online, August 23, 2007

Falling Down



Total Downfall

Douglas Quaid: If I am not me, den who da hell am I?

Christmas should be 'downgraded' to help race relations

Christmas should be downgraded in favour of festivals from other religions to improve race relations, says an explosive report ...

The leaked findings of its investigation into identity, citizenship and community cohesion also propose:
  • "Birth ceremonies", at which state and parents agree to "work in partnership" to bring up children
  • Action to "ensure access" for ethnic minorities to "largely white" countryside
  • An overhaul of Britain's "imperial" honours system
  • Bishops being thrown out of the House of Lords
  • An end to "sectarian" religious education
  • Flying flags other than the Union Jack.
The report robustly defends multiculturalism - the idea that different communities should not be forced to integrate but should be allowed to maintain their own culture and identities.

And it says immigrants should be required to acquire some proficiency in English and other aspects of British culture "if - but only if - the settled population is willing to open up national institutions and practices to newcomers and give a more inclusive cast to national narratives and symbols" ...

"We can no longer define ourselves as a Christian nation, nor an especially religious one in any sense.

"The empire is gone, church attendance is at historically low levels, and the Second World War is inexorably slipping from memory." ...

Councils must act to "ensure children mix and are able to form friendships with pupils from different backgrounds" ...

Rural Britain, the report complains, "remains a largely white place".

Much more needs to be done to "ensure access" to the countryside for black and ethnic minority groups, disabled people and children from inner-city areas ...

Sayeeda Warsi, the Conservative spokesman on community cohesion, said: "Their comments betray a breathtaking misunderstanding of what it is to be British. These proposals could actually damage cohesion."

She added: "You don't build community cohesion by throwing out our history and denying the fundamental contribution Christianity has played and does play to our nation.

"As a British Muslim I can see that - so why others can't just staggers me."

[Quaid wakes up in a Johnnycab]
Douglas Quaid: Where am I?
Johnnycab: You're in a Johnnycab.
Douglas Quaid: I mean, what am I doing here?
Johnnycab: I'm sorry. Would you please rephrase the question?
Douglas Quaid: How did I get in this taxi?
Johnnycab: The door opened. You got in.
[Johnnycab rolls his eyes]
Multiculturalism to the limit

Here is multiculturalism spelled out consistently, as the systematic dismantling of a nation and its culture ... so as to assure good race relations ...

If we consider the four above proposals together ... they emerge as a total multicultural program. The first proposal would dismantle Britain religiously and culturally and turn it into an officially equal collection of all religions and cultures; the second proposal would dismantle Britain as a nation and turn it into an officially equal collection of all nations; the third proposal would in principle set up a pattern by which racial diversity would be imposed on every community in Britain, assuring that the historic white majority cannot maintain its identity--and ultimately its majority status--anywhere in Britain; and the fourth proposal would require that every child in Britain be propagandized and dedicated to this nation-destroying project from the moment of his birth.

Larry G. writes: "If Britain were a human being, it would be put into protective custody, secured in a straightjacket, and sedated to keep it from doing further harm to itself."
Vilos Cohaagen: I didn't want it to end this way, I wanted Hauser back, but no, you had to be Quaid!
Douglas Quaid: I am Quaid.
Vilos Cohaagen: You're nothing! You're nobody! You're a stupid dream! Well, all dreams come to an end.

Is this all we are, a stupid dream that has come to an end?

A memory to be erased?

How can they speak of even-handedness without mentioning that immigration and birthrates will soon see the entire English countryside populated with foreigners and the fabric of Britain changed forever? Resulting in, not equality, but a new dominant race, religion, or culture: from parent countries which can be described as 'failed states' when compared with the West. What becomes of Western countries when they lose their dominant race, religion and culture?

Of course, no-one in Australia has called for such changes anyway. Or have they:
Banish Winterval Blues

"... it's time for Australia to fall in line with the UK, where councils have renamed Christmas as 'Winterval'. Australia is now so diverse with so many cultures, we need to acknowledge the need to be inclusive of our identity." -- Kuranda Seyit, director of the Forum on Australia's Islamic Relations (FAIR).

The door is open to the same nation-destroying project in Australia - have you blindly climbed in?


Christmas should be 'downgraded' ... - Daily Mail, 1 November, 2007
Multiculturalism to the limit - Lawrence Auster, November 02, 2007
Banish Winterval Blues - Australian Islamist Monitor, 24 June 2007

Total Recall



Great Southern Mosque

Marty Moose: Sorry, folks! We're closed for two weeks to clean and repair America's favorite family fun park. Sorry, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh!

The shadow cast by a mega-mosque

When Abu Izzadeen, the firebrand Islamist militant, berated John Reid last week for "daring" to visit a Muslim area, the Home Secretary bridled, as did many others, at his suggestion that part of London was off limits for a British minister of the Crown.

There was nowhere in this country from which anyone should be excluded, Mr Reid said; nowhere that could be called exclusively Muslim. He was speaking just a couple of Tube stops from West Ham, close to the site for the 2012 Olympic stadium, where a huge row is about to erupt over plans to construct a mosque. However, this is not any old mosque built to serve the local community. It will be the largest place of worship in Europe, a gigantic three-storey Islamic centre, with schools and other facilities, able to hold at least 40,000 worshippers and up to 70,000 if necessary.

It will be called the London Markaz and it is intended to be a significant Islamic landmark whose prominence and stature will be enhanced by its proximity to the Olympic site. When television viewers around the world see aerial views of the stadium during the opening ceremony in six years' time, the most prominent religious building in the camera shot will not be one of the city's iconic churches that have shaped the nation's history, such as St Paul's Cathedral or Westminster Abbey, but the mega-mosque.

Its arrival in London will be a significant coup for Islam and a major event for the country as a whole. It will also make Abu Izzadeen's depiction of that part of east London as "a Muslim area" seem remarkably prescient ...

Rusty Griswold: Is that a real gun, Mom?
Ellen Griswold: I don't know, Rusty, but when this is all over, your father may be going away for a little while.

Muslim group behind ‘mega-mosque’ seeks to convert all Britain

A Muslim group that wants to open a giant £100 million mosque in London has set its sights on “winning the whole of Britain to Islam”.

Tablighi Jamaat aims to build an Islamic complex near to the site of the 2012 Olympic stadium, with a mosque for 12,000 people, by far the largest religious building in Britain.

The organisation, which has millions of followers worldwide, insists that it is a peaceful, apolitical revivalist movement that promotes Islamic consciousness among individual Muslims. However, intelligence agencies have cautioned that the group’s ability to fire young men with a zeal for Islam acts as a staging post, for some, along a path that leads to jihadist terrorism.

Kafeel Ahmed, the Indian doctor who died from burns last month after trying to set off a car bomb at Glasgow Airport, is the latest in a line of terrorists for whose initial radicalisation Tablighi Jamaat has been blamed. The group (literally, the preaching party) belongs to the ultra-conservative Deobandi school of thought within Sunni Islam, whose adherents run more than 600 of Britain’s 1,350 mosques ...

Yoginder Sikand, a Muslim expert on the movement, says that its ethos of “social and cultural separatism and insularity” seeks “to minimise contacts with people of other faiths”.

The self-segregation that this encourages is evident in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, where the group has its European headquarters. The Tablighi Jamaat complex – housing its large Markazi mosque and a Deobandi seminary called the Islamic Institute of Education - is based in the Savile Town area, which has an 88 per cent Asian population. The overwhelming majority of its 5,000 residents are Muslims from Pakistan or the Gujarat region of India and some, at home and at work, have little contact with nonMuslims.

More than 250,000 people have signed a Downing Street petition against the London mosque ...

“The mega-mosque complex would become a flagship for Tablighi Jamaat’s mission to indoctrinate Muslims with a hatred of the West and the kuffar [non-Mulims].”

Rusty Griswold:
That was a crummy Wyatt Earp dad. He was wearing jogging shoes.
Clark Griswold:
They used to Rusty.

Are Australia and the West ready to accommodate Mega Mosques in the lands of Dreamworld and WalleyWorld?

Will they be peaceful? Or will it be ...

"... they're gonna betray, they're gonna forget you
are you gonna let them take you over this way ..."

Great Southern Mosque, Great Southern Mosque


The shadow cast by a mega-mosque - UK Telegraph, 25/09/2006
Muslim group ... seeks to convert all Britain - Times Online, September 10, 2007
Abbey Mills: London Markaz - Architecture

National Lampoon's Vacation
Great Southern Land



Flying THY

Elaine Dickinson: May I offer you anything to read, ma'am?
Old lady: Do you have anything light?
Elaine Dickinson: How about this leaflet, "Famous Jewish Sports Legends?"

Islamist Demands On THY Flights:
Turn The Plane Towards Mecca So We Can Pray

It is reported that some Islamist passengers on Turkish Airlines flights mostly from Germany, Austria, and Netherlands en route to Turkey are demanding that the plane turns towards Mecca, for their prayers.

Cagatay Uysal of the Dispatchers Association said that recently the flight crews are confronted with some passenger requests that cannot be fulfilled. Uysal said that especially close to namaz (Islamic prayer) time, some passengers ask that the plane turns towards Mecca, or some ask which direction is South. The crew members, unable to assist, answer that “Mecca is in our heart”.

Ted Striker: Surely you can't be serious.
Dr. Rumack: I am serious... and don't call me Shirley.

Islamist Passenger Refuses To Sit Next To Woman,
Creating A Scene On Turkish Airlines Flight

Mainstream Turkish dailies report incidents that they say would not happen before the recent general elections that brought AKP to power for the second time. On a September 8, morning flight from Ankara to Istanbul a man wearing Islamic garbs (cloak and turban) made a scene when a lady – modestly dressed - was seated next to him. Protesting loudly, the Islamist passenger demanded that the crew remove the lady - or him - from that seat. Other irritated passengers opposed to be replaced, saying that it was unthinkable to segregate men and women in an airplane, in Islamic way.

After long arguments, a young man resolved the conflict by volunteering to exchange seats with the Islamist passenger.

Will Qantas accommodate such Flying High antics?

How far will Australian Islamists' demands go?

How much bolder will they become when their community continues to grow at its current rapid rate?


Turn The Plane Towards Mecca So We Can Pray
Islamist Passenger Refuses To Sit Next To Woman - MEMRI



Sleepwalking into segregation

Lead us on, Kenny.

Britons warned over 'segregation'

The UK must enforce "equality, participation and interaction" to avoid US-style segregation, the head of the Commission for Racial Equality says.

Failing to do so could lead to people living in a New Orleans-style Britain of passively co-existing communities, Trevor Phillips warned.

It was a worrying fact that "younger Britons appear to be integrating less well than their parents", he said ...

"Residentially, some [UK] districts are on their way to becoming fully fledged ghettos - black holes into which no-one goes without fear and trepidation, and from which no-one ever escapes undamaged," he said.

"If we allow this to continue, we could end up in 2048, a hundred years on from the Windrush, living in a New Orleans-style Britain of passively co-existing ethnic and religious communities, eyeing each other uneasily over the fences of our differences."

Sing us a lullaby, Hoff.
"Looking for Freedom" would do it for me.

'American nightmare'

Mr Phillips said America's "segregated society" had been caused by a "failure to act until they were in too deep to get out of the state they are now in.

"That is why, for all of us who care about racial equality and integration, America is not our dream but out nightmare."

Mr Phillips also warned that communities were being left "marooned outside the mainstream".

These would "steadily drift away from the rest of us evolving their own lifestyles, playing by their own rules and increasingly regarding the codes of behaviour, loyalty and respect that the rest of us take for granted as outdated behaviour that no longer applies to them".

And he warned that levels of racial segregation in Britain could create a "fertile breeding ground for extremists".

"It also remains true that younger Britons are more exclusive than older Britons," he said.

zzzzzzzzzz ...... I've been looking for freedom
zzzzzzzzz ..... I've been looking so long

Oh, we're done.

So, who's up for some enforced "participation and interaction" then?

I didn't think so.

So, maybe this grand experiment of diversity is just a dream? Maybe it's just human nature to prefer our own kind? Who would have guessed? Who was to know? What a wild idea to prefer your own kind. I mean it's not like it's a pervasive natural phenomenon or anything, no, of course not.

"Younger Britons appear to be integrating less well than their parents". What? How can that be when immigration and birthrates make ethnic communities grow ever larger? Surely more insular communities would increase the cultural exchange? No? Well I'm sure glad there's a Commission for Racial Equality to figure that one out, 'cause not even the Kenny G and the Hoff could stop me losing sleep over that conundrum. Sure.

So, now that we have expensive committee-level recognition of common sense, and know that segregation is inevitable, how will Australia react?

Keep up the record levels of diverse immigration and surrender our country into fractured states?

Start up another committee: how about The Commission for Enforced Participation and Interaction?

Or return to compatible immigration?


Britons warned over 'segregation'


the West

Cultural Vacuum

God knows, God knows I want to break free -- Queen

Looking for love in all the wrong places

Why do radical imams seek to convert young Canadian, British and even American men and women in their late teens and twenties? Because they understand that when you raise a generation in the great wobbling blancmange of Deval Patrick cultural relativism – nothing is any better or any worse than anything else; if people are "mean and nasty" to us, it's only because we didn't sing enough Barney the Dinosaur songs at them – in such a world a certain percentage of its youth will have a great gaping hole where their sense of identity should be. And into that hole you can pour something fierce and primal and implacable.

Liberalism v Islamism

It is only by having that overarching set of common values — monogamy, freedom of conscience, equal rights for women, freedom of expression —that a society coheres as a common project. And a liberal society is no exception. If a liberal society doesn’t accept a hierarchy of values, that there are core principles which are non-negotiable and to which everyone must sign up, then by definition it can no longer remain a liberal society but must fragment into a kind of Balkanised tribalism in which the strongest groups win through intimidation or force.

A liberal, tolerant society — which is what Britain once was — welcomes and respects minorities within the overarching framework of British values. These provide a set of cultural norms from which groupings can deviate in their own private space, provided they do not conflict with the core precepts of our society. This is the basis of tolerance — and it has a quid pro quo. Ever since the Enlightenment the deal has been that, while the state makes no demands upon minorities practising their faith and culture in the private sphere, minorities in turn make no demands that the state must either adopt their own practices or turn a blind eye where the conflict is fundamental ...

As for our values, far from reasserting them they are going down like ninepins ...

We are giving the Islamists the message that we are theirs for the taking. This is how liberalism may disappear up its own backside.


Looking for love in all the wrong places - Mark Steyn
Liberalism v Islamism - Melanie Philips



Headscarf a la cante

Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once ...
-- Michelle "of the Resistance"

French innkeeper fined over Muslim headscarf demand

A French court on Tuesday fined a guesthouse owner who refused to give a room to a woman wearing a Muslim headscarf unless she removed it in common areas.

Found guilty of religious discrimination, Yvette Truchelut, 54, was handed a suspended four month prison sentence and fined 1,000 euros ($1409). She will have to pay a total of 7,400 euros to the plaintiff and rights groups that brought the action.

Horia Demiati, who is of Moroccan origin, came to the guesthouse in eastern France in August 2006 with her mother, who was also wearing a headscarf, and other members of her family.

Fairfax: I say, Carstairs, two men with ducks on their heads have just walked into the public convenience. What do you make of that?

Carstairs: They're probably freemasons.

She chose to leave the guesthouse rather than comply with the guesthouse owner's demand. Truchelut defended herself during hearings last week by citing her views on secularism.

France in 2004 passed a law banning religious garb, notably Muslim headscarves, from state schools. The move sparked a vigorous public debate on integrating immigrants and the right of religious expression.

Since then, President Nicolas Sarkozy has further stoked the debate with the creation of a new ministry for immigration and national identity which critics say risks reinforcing racial prejudice by twinning the two issues.


French innkeeper fined over Muslim headscarf demand
Allo Allo



Sleepless in neutral

Jay: Well, this is fate! She's divorced, we don't want to redo the cabinets, and you need a wife. What do they call it when everything intersects?

Sam Baldwin: The Bermuda Triangle.

Empire State Building to go green for Muslim holiday

New York's iconic Empire State Building is to be lit up green from Friday in honor of the Muslim holiday of Eid, the biggest festival in the Muslim calendar marking the end of Ramadan, officials said.

"This is the first time that the Empire State Building will be illuminated for Eid, and the lighting will become an annual event in the same tradition of the yearly lightings for Christmas and Hannukah," according to a statement ...

An estimated seven million Muslims live in the United States.

[The Taxi Driver takes Jonah to the Empire State Building]
Taxi Driver: There it is. What are you gonna do when you get up there? Spit off the top?

They're coming to take our country and we must stop them

The greatest impact of Muslims on New York has been the destruction of its two tallest buildings and the rest of the World Trade Center, an act that millions of Muslims around the world ecstatically celebrated. So, by way of granting equal recognition to the religion whose followers performed that act (performing it as a religious devotion) and maliciously cheered that act, New York City lights up its next highest building in the color of green to honor the religion in whose name the World Trade Center was destroyed.

Muslims topple the World Trade Center, then get the Empire State Building lit up in their honor. This epitomizes America's response to 9/11.

Should we be granting concessions to a religion which still has questionable compatibility with secular democracy?

Islam doesn't just threaten secularism and democracy

When you describe the West that you are defending as "secular and democratic," it means that you are reducing the West to just one layer of itself, the most recent. It means you are not on the side of the European Christians who for a thousand years successfully strove to save Europe from Islam. It means you are being loyal only to secularism and democracy, not to the West as a whole.

Islam doesn't just threaten secularism and democracy; it threatens everything we are, our total existence as a civilization. And that is what we need to defend.


Empire State Building to go green for Muslim holiday - AFP
They're coming to take our country and we must stop them - Lawrence Auster
Islam doesn't just threaten secularism and democracy - Lawrence Auster



Vice check, aisle five

Fear of giving offence is killing our culture

A week ago The Sunday Times reported that some Muslim workers in Sainsbury’s are refusing to check out purchases of alcohol on the debatable ground that it’s against their religion. Whenever the sinful stuff is presented by a customer at the till, the Muslim expects an infidel colleague to hurry over and sully his or her hands with the transaction instead.

This is preposterous and a depressing sign of the times. But the painful truth is it would be just as preposterous to blame the Sainsbury’s Muslims. For years now ethnic minorities have been encouraged to insist on their cultural differences and on their human right to have these differences respected and actively promoted. It is hardly surprising that they have responded by doing so. It is those who have encouraged them who are to blame.

The point about this story is not the absurd demand, but that Sainsbury’s gave into it, quite unnecessarily, of its own free will. It wasn’t even being pressed to do so by any prominent Muslim figures. Ghayasuddin Siddiqui, leader of the Muslim Parliament, said last week: “This is some kind of overenthusiasm. One expects professional behaviour from people working in a professional capacity and this shows a lack of maturity. The fault lies with the employee who is exploiting and misusing their goodwill.”

Surely the fault lies with Sainsbury’s, for cultural funk. And it lies with all those others who out of some strange abandonment of common sense – such as the government’s laissez-faire guidelines on wearing Muslim veils in schools last week – bottle out.


Fear of giving offence is killing our culture - Times Online



Too Few Good Men

Col. Jessep: You want answers?
Kaffee: I think I'm entitled.
Col. Jessep: You want answers?
Kaffee: I want the truth!
Col. Jessep: You can't handle the truth!

German Judge cites Qur'an in divorce case -- to justify wife-beating

He beat her and threatened her with murder. But because husband and wife were both from Morocco, a German divorce court judge saw no cause for alarm. It's a religion thing, she argued.

The Koran seems to have become the basis for a court decision in Frankfurt.

The case seems simply too strange to be true. A 26-year-old mother of two wanted to free herself from what had become a miserable and abusive marriage ... Even after they separated, the spurned husband threatened to kill his wife.

A quick divorce seemed to be the only solution -- the 26-year-old was unwilling to wait the year between separation and divorce mandated by German law ... They both felt that the domestic violence and death threats easily fulfilled the "hardship" criteria necessary for such an accelerated split.

In January, though, a letter arrived from the judge adjudicating the case. The judge rejected the application for a speedy divorce by referring to a passage in the Koran that some have controversially interpreted to mean that a husband can beat his wife ...

"The right to castigate means for me: the husband can beat his wife," Becker-Rojczyk said, interpreting the judge's verdict.

Of course, I'm sure I will find some bizarro equivalent here in Australia. Just like:

Islam made me do it


German Judge cites Qur'an in divorce case - Dhimmi Watch



Asta la Reconquista
I'll be back -- the Terminator

Mexifornia, Five Years Later

While it is true that no one knows exactly how many are here illegally from Mexico and Latin America, both sides in the debate often accept as reasonable estimates of 11 to 12 million illegals—with an additional 500,000 to 1 million arriving per year. Given porous borders, such guesses about the number of illegal aliens in the United States are outdated almost as soon as they are published.

The Second Mexican War

By Lawrence Auster
War does not have to consist of armed conflict

The Mexican invasion of the United States began decades ago as a spontaneous migration of ordinary Mexicans into the U.S. seeking economic opportunities. It has morphed into a campaign to occupy and gain power over our country—a project encouraged, abetted, and organized by the Mexican state and supported by the leading elements of Mexican society.

It is, in other words, war. War does not have to consist of armed conflict. War can consist of any hostile course of action undertaken by one country to weaken, harm, and dominate another country. Mexico is waging war on the U.S. through mass immigration illegal and legal, through the assertion of Mexican national claims over the U.S., and through the subversion of its laws and sovereignty, all having the common end of bringing the southwestern part of the U.S. under the control of the expanding Mexican nation, and of increasing Mexico’s political and cultural influence over the U.S. as a whole ...

Anti-immigration forces warn of plot

LOS ANGELES - On the far fringes of the pro-immigration movement, some Hispanic activists openly yearn for the day when immigrants rise up and retake the American Southwest, more than 150 years after the U.S. annexed it.

Mainstream immigration advocacy groups — as well as academics and experts on nearly all sides of the illegal immigration issue — dismiss these "reconquista" notions as rhetorical, not to be taken seriously ...

"It doesn‘t end with secession," Norwood wrote. "The final plan includes the ethnic cleansing of Americans of European, African and Asian descent out of Aztlan."

Mexico‘s huge territorial losses were a result of defeat in the Mexican-American War. The 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ceded what are now California, Utah and Nevada, and parts of present-day Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Wyoming, to the United States.

"Aztlan belongs to those who plant the seeds, water the fields, and gather the crops and not to the foreign Europeans," the manifesto reads. "With our heart in our hands and our hands in the soil, we declare the independence of our mestizo nation. We are a bronze people with a bronze culture."

Many prominent Hispanics, like Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and former California Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante, were once members of MEChA, and that only convinces some anti-immigration critics that the radicals are taking over ...

Of course, nobody, apart from the Aborigines, would claim native title in Australia. Or would they?

Muslim Mabo Title

Most of us probably can still remember clearly Sheikh al Hilaly’s rants about Muslim rights to claim Australia:
"The Western people are the biggest liars and oppressors and especially the English race. The Anglo-Saxons who arrived in Australia arrived in shackles. We paid for passports from our own pockets. We have a right in Australia more than they have.

But when you become acquainted with their (Aboriginal) traditions among their tribes, you find that they have customs such as circumcision, marriage ceremonies, respect for tribal elders, and burial of the dead – all customs that show that they were connected to ancient Islamic culture before the Europeans set foot in Australia."
Unfortunately Hilaly’s claim to Australia is not as trivial and ridiculous as you might think. Let’s visit an official Australian source ... Just enter the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade website ... It says:
"Muslims in Australia have a long and varied history that is thought to pre-date European settlement. Some of Australia's earliest visitors were Muslims from the east Indonesian archipelago, who made contact with mainland Australia as far back as far as the 16th -17th centuries, ...

Evidence of these early visitors can be found in the similarity of certain words which occur in both the language of the Macassar and coastal Indigenous Australians ..."
If you still think it is a far fetched and funny claim, look at France where during the November-December 2005 riots when the French riot police tried to ‘reclaim the area of Clichy-sous-Bois from the Muslim mob, the popular demand of the rioters was: “French authorities, get out of the OCCUPIED TERRITORIES!!”

How long before our own “disgruntled” Muslim youth will claim Lakemba, Punchbowl and Greenacre as their Palestine?


The Second Mexican War - View From the Right
The Second Mexican War - Front Page Magazine
Mexifornia, Five Years Later
Anti-immigration forces warn of plot - USA Today
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the West

Dangerously well-informed

Everything I know, I learned from TV -- Homer J. Simpson

Muslim 'peace' adverts launched

An advertising campaign promoting British Muslims as integrated citizens who reject extremism has been launched.

Islam is Peace - formed after the bombings in London in July 2005 - has initially placed adverts on the capital's buses and Underground trains.

They show a range of Muslims - including a policewoman, a Scout group and the chef Michael Barry - with the slogan "Proud to be a British Muslim".

Organisers say research shows many Britons associate Islam with terrorism.

Fitzgerald: The "Islam Is Peace" campaign

... this campaign, costing no doubt many tens of millions of dollars, is an important weapon of the attempt to fool English people and prolong their unwariness and confusion and even diffidence about discussing their entirely justified fears of and suspicions about Islam ...

... a faith that is a religion, a politics, an economics, a system of artistic censorship, a guide to personal hygiene, a manual of etiquette, a guide to Dealing With Non-Muslims, a clothing manual, a guide to what are the permissible limits of thought and especially of thought about Islam and Muhammad, and so on. It's a Total System. It is unrecognized as such by most Infidels because what they know of as religion, what they think of as religion, is not a Total System ...

Yes, they are conducting Jihad. They are attempting to befog the minds of non-Muslims, to confuse them, to prevent them from beginning to look at Islam steadily and whole. They are attempting to prevent them from learning the truth about its tenets and attitudes, its history, and the present behavior, everywhere that Muslims exist in numbers sufficient to attempt to impose their will, whether in the Lands of the Infidel, the Dar al-Harb or “House of War,” or in the already Muslim-dominated Dar al-Islam, which is now the House of Peace. It is the House of Peace because, you see, there is no need for war once Islam triumphs -– which of course isn’t quite true, because then there are those remaining pesky non-Muslims to discriminate against, to harry, to humiliate, to degrade, to render physically insecure, to do everything possible either to drive them out, or to keep them from multiplying or serving as an attractive and therefore dangerous example to the Muslims around them.

We are in a war. The war is not to be determined by what happens in Iraq ... If this campaign in Great Britain, probably financed by those deep Saudi and other oil-rich Arab pockets, succeeds, and if all such campaigns succeed in delaying the day of recognition, the fateful, civilization-wide and not merely individual, anagnorisis, it will be a very bad thing.

There are at this point not many people fully capable of seeing the whole thing, grasping the whole thing. Spread to as many as possible what they have to say. Support them in any way you can. And learn as much as you can yourself, so you cannot be fooled, cannot be bested. Become dangerously well-informed and, therefore, implacable in your view.

"Islam is peace" media campaign in UK

"This is one of the very buses blown up by a devout Muslim 2 years ago. Maybe they should be spending their money convincing devout Muslims it's a Religion of Peace™ rather than me."

I am astonished by President Bush ...

"The face of terror is not the true faith of Islam. That's not what Islam is all about. Islam is peace. These terrorists don't represent peace. They represent evil and war." -- G.W. Bush

"I have assured His Majesty that our war is against evil, not against Islam. There are thousands of Muslims who proudly call themselves Americans, and they know what I know -- that the Muslim faith is based upon peace and love and compassion. The exact opposite of the teachings of the al Qaeda organization, which is based upon evil and hate and destruction." -- G.W. Bush

"... such seasonal staples as my all-time favorite "war on terror" quotation from Abu Qatada, the Al Qaeda-linked cleric. I just love to trot it out around Ramadan after President Bush has said something utterly ignorant about Islam meaning peace, or, addressing the Muslim pooh bahs he always has at the White House for a fast-breaking Iftar dinner, how the jihadists have "twisted" Islam.

"I am astonished by President Bush when he claims there is nothing in the Koran that justifies jihad violence in the name of Islam," Abu Qatada said about six years ago. "Is he some kind of Islamic scholar? Has he ever actually read the Koran?"" -- Diana West

Can Australia accept on face value that "Islam is peace"?

Or do we need to become dangerously well-informed?


Muslim 'peace' adverts launched - BBC
Fitzgerald: The "Islam Is Peace" campaign - Jihad Watch
"Islam is peace" media campaign in UK - Jihad Watch
The President's quotes on Islam - The White House
I am astonished by President Bush ... - Diana West
Islam is Peace - George W. Bush


Saudi Arabia

Wahhabi Hillbillies: Texas Tea Outposts

Cut off the Wahabi cash flow

THE Government of Saudi Arabia is continuing to fund extremists within the Australian Muslim community. It does this partly through the Saudi embassy in Canberra. It ought to stop. Saudi Arabia is a theocratic monarchy that recognises no distinction within its rule between politics and religion. It adheres to an extremely conservative and paranoid version of Islam known as Wahabism, which it tries to promote throughout the world.

It also has a history of funding terrorists. It was the chief bankroller of the Palestine Liberation Organisation in the 1970s and ‘80s at the height of the PLO’s involvement in global terror. But it would be true to say that, worldwide, the Saudis tend to fund the precursors to terror rather than terror itself. Since the 9/11 attacks in the US, in which the majority of hijackers were Saudis, the Saudi Government, under intense US pressure, has tried to exercise greater care and control over where Saudi money goes.

... tens of millions of dollars of Saudi money had also come into Australia. In the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s, this was fairly open. The Saudis funded mosques, Islamic schools and various special courses. They promoted Wahabi literature widely. All of this material promoted an extreme version of Islam, but in those pre-9/11 days nobody worried.

Muslims attack $1m Saudi gift to uni

UP to $1 million will be pumped by Saudi Arabia into an Australian university, sparking fears the money will skew its research and create sympathy for an extremist Muslim ideology espoused by al-Qai'da.

Muslim leaders and academics have attacked Queensland's Griffith University for accepting an initial $100,000 grant from the Saudi embassy, which they accused of having given cash in the past to educational institutions to improve the perception of Wahhabism - a hardline interpretation of Islam.

The Australian understands the Griffith Islamic Research Unit will in coming years receive up to $1 million from Saudi Arabia, which has injected more than $120 million into Australia's Islamic community since the 1970s for mosques, schools, scholarships and clerical salaries.

A former member of John Howard's Muslim reference board, Mustapha Kara-Ali, accused the Saudis of using their financial power to transform the landscape of Australia's Islamic community and silence criticism of Wahhabism. "They want to silence criticism of the Wahhabi establishment and its link to global terrorism and national security issues," he said.


Cut off the Wahabi cash flow
Muslims attack $1m Saudi gift to uni



Harvest of the Nanoprobes

I am feeling ... unwell -- Seven of Nine

Fethullah Gulen Indicted, Escapes To U.S.

In 1999, footage was aired on Turkish television of sermons delivered by Fethullah Gulen to a crowd of followers, in which he revealed his aspirations for an Islamist Turkey ruled by shari'a as well as the methods that should be used to attain that goal. In the sermons, he said:
"You must move in the arteries of the system, without anyone noticing your existence, until you reach all the power centers… until the conditions are ripe, they [the followers] must continue like this. If they do something prematurely, the world will crush our heads, and Muslims will suffer everywhere, like in the tragedies in Algeria, like in 1982 [in] Syria… like in the yearly disasters and tragedies in Egypt. The time is not yet right. You must wait for the time when you are complete, and conditions are ripe, until we can shoulder the entire world and carry it ... You must wait until such time as you have gotten all the state power, until you have brought to your side all the power of the constitutional institutions in Turkey… Until that time, any step taken would be too early - like breaking an egg without waiting the full 40 days for it to hatch. It would be like killing the chick inside. The work to be done is [in] confronting the world. Now, I have expressed my feelings and thoughts to you all - in confidence ... trusting your loyalty and sensitivity to secrecy. I know that when you leave here - [just] as you discard your empty juice boxes, you must discard the thoughts and feelings expressed here."

Of course, this would never happen in Australia. Or is it already happening?

Encounter (ABC Radio National): Fethullah Gulen

Who is Fethullah Gulen? He's been described as Turkish Islam's Billy Graham - and you may not know it, but he is the inspiration behind much of the Muslim involvement in inter faith dialogue in Australia. And now a Chair in Islamic Studies at Australian Catholic University is to be named after him - and supported by his followers ...

Margaret Coffey: Along with their counterparts in NSW, and similar groups elsewhere, AIS is very much at the forefront of Muslim engagement in interfaith activities, quite often as the instigator. It's all inspired by a guiding genius - a United States based Turkish preacher by the name of Fethullah Gulen. If, for example, as a non-Muslim, you have visited the Auburn Gallipoli Mosque in Sydney, or been to a gathering of Jews, Christians and Muslims called an Abrahamic Conference, or shared an Iftar in a Muslim home, then you have seen some of the fruit of Gulen's inspiration.

Woman: He's the great mentor I guess, he's the leader, and it's a great movement for tolerance and understanding, for peace for the world.

Ibrahim Dellal: I'm one of his admirers. I was fortunate enough to meet him twice. He is a man of compassion, caring and sharing, he loves human beings and he loves to see all human beings unite and accept each other as equals ...

Margaret Coffey: ... Australians are about to become a little more familiar with Fethullah Gulen's name. The Australian Catholic University based across the eastern States has entered into an agreement with the AIS to establish the Fethullah Gulen Chair in Islamic Studies and Muslim-Catholic Relations, with funding support from Gulen admirers in Turkey. It's an extraordinary achievement for what is described as a community organisation only seven years old ...

Back in the 1990s, when he was still based in Turkey, Gulen visited Australia to urge the Turkish community to educate their children - and today up to sixteen 'Turkish' schools throughout the country are the fruit of that visit ...

Zeki Saritoprak: ... It will be fair I think to say that Gulen's understanding of Islam is much more spiritual oriented rather than political oriented. He focuses on the personality of people, not on the systems ...

Margaret Coffey: This Encounter began with a description of Fethullah Gulen's admirers as a neo-Sufi movement within Islam, focusing on the spiritual transformation of individuals as a way of transforming society. That is not to say it is not politically adept. It is clearly adept at inserting itself - and Gulen's ideas - in the contemporary discussion about Islam, and at creating important institutional partnerships. How it goes about this insertion points to significant questions - for the movement and its partners.

Does Australia have nanoprobes moving within it's arteries?
Lying dormant until the harvest when "conditions are ripe"?
Or is this yet another "misinterpretation"?


ABC Radio - Encounter




My Fair Prostitute

Mrs. Higgins: However did you learn good manners with my son around?

Eliza Doolittle: It was very difficult. I should never have known how ladies and gentlemen really behaved, if it hadn't been for Colonel Pickering. He always showed what he thought and felt about me as if I were something better than a common flower girl. You see, Mrs. Higgins, apart from the things one can pick up, the difference between a lady and a flower girl is not how she behaves, but how she is treated. I shall always be a common flower girl to Professor Higgins, because he always treats me like a common flower girl, and always will. But I know that I shall always be a lady to Colonel Pickering, because he always treats me like a lady, and always will.

Mothers of prevention

Schoolgirls in Lancashire and Yorkshire are falling prey to sinister gangs of pimps. Two men have been sent to jail, but the girls’ mothers, not the police, are at the forefront of the crackdown. Why are the authorities so reluctant to get involved? ...

It was a very uncomfortable scenario, not least because many of these crimes had an identifiable racial element: the gangs were Asian and the girls were white. The authorities, in the shape of politicians and the police, seemed reluctant to acknowledge this aspect of the crimes; it has been left to the mothers of the victims to speak out ...

“I was told by one police officer that he did not ‘want to start a race riot’ by arresting Pakistani men for sexual offences,” Maureen said. During the six months that Jo was in the clutches of these men, they raped, beat and abused her to the point where, says her mother, she did not even know who she was any more. Eventually, after she was attacked by Hussain and Naveed with an iron bar, Jo somehow found the courage to report them to police, and they were arrested. The case took 16 months to come to court. In the meantime, other pimps, undeterred by the impending trial, continued to go about their business ...

Professor Henry Higgins: By George, Eliza, the streets will be strewn with the bodies of men shooting themselves for your sake before I'm done with you.

Blackburn, in common with many northern towns, is experiencing a huge upsurge in pimping, and it is an unpalatable truth for the authorities – and indeed the police – that many of the newest wave of pimps come from within the Asian community ...

Well-dressed Asian teenage boys can be found on the lookout for young white girls, following them around those stores that sell cheap jewellery and perfume. Meanwhile, older men sit on the benches, watching their workers and potential recruits in action. The older men are “employing” the boys to chat up the girls and eventually hand them over.


Mothers of prevention - Times Online