#6 Pakistan

Kendo Vice Squad

The continuing adventures of Aussie Sharon on her overseas working holiday. Today we find Sharon shopping in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan ...

Sharon has just purchased a DVD from a music shop. She enters the street and is confronted by a burqa-clad woman with a bamboo stick ...

Gets whacked on the head and goes for a massage ...

Comes out of 'massage' palour and gets confronted by another burqa-clad woman ...

Gets whacked again, kidnapped, and taken to mosque ...

story continues....

Burqa women launch 'morality' crackdown from Red Mosque

Groups of young baton-wielding, burqa-clad women who have launched a crackdown against the city's perceived immorality.

Their latest target were six Chinese masseuses, alleged to be working as prostitutes, who were kidnapped and "re-educated" last weekend ...

In recent weeks, students from the mosque's two seminaries or madrassas - one for young women and one for young men - have been threatening shopkeepers and stores selling DVDs and videos. Previously, a group of covered female students, many armed with Kalashnikov rifles, took over a public library in protest against the government of General Musharraf.


Burqa women launch 'morality' crackdown from Red Mosque
- the Independent



  1. Pakistan: 'Boom' cars?


    Unidentified people, believed to be pro-Taliban militants have distributed pamphlets threatening public transporters in Swat district of NWFP from playing music and displaying obscene pictures in their vehicles, failing which their vehicles would be blown up.

    The threatening pamphlets were delivered at the Matta Bus Stand in Swat and said: "Stop playing music and remove obscene photos from your vehicles or face bomb attacks."

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  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4f89Jg-TnY